AAPLAC 2021 Call for Proposals

Our host for the October conference is the University of Arizona in Tucson. Our 32nd Annual Conference will feature accepted presentations on the conference theme, a guest roundtable and discussion on Indigenous and Native Nation Initiatives, and an optional cultural excursion.

Submission deadline: June 1, 2021

Proposals may be in Spanish or English and should support the conference theme of Cultural Awareness and Social Justice and the AAPLAC Mission. Please use the template provided. Creativity is encouraged. All proposals will be anonymized and reviewed before acceptance.

  • We are especially interested in proposals that address the following topics or subtopics:
    • Challenges, lessons, models
    • Opportunities for intercultural learning and exchange
  • Experiential/Service-Learning and Student Exchanges
    • Happy hosts? Challenges of receiving students
    • Men and women and cultural gender expectations in service-learning situations
    • From critical service-learning to activism: means and methods
    • Peer collaborations without travel? How campuses, students and colleagues can work better with our peers and institutions across the hemisphere
    • Digital collaboration: transnational classrooms and research connections
    • Religion and spirituality in intercultural contexts and education abroad
  • Racial Repression, Resistance and Education for Social Justice
    • Indigenous initiatives, indigeneity and social justice: theoretical, historical or practical perspectives
    • Anti-racist pedagogy in study abroad
    • Intersectionality: challenges and experience of underrepresented groups seeking to study abroad or undertaking intercultural exchange—students from non-dominant ethnic, racial, linguistic, religious, class, ability and neurodiversity backgrounds; trans and gender non-conforming students; LGBTQ students
    • Heritage speakers and heritage seekers on study abroad
    • U.S. Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSIs) and Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) going global
    • Indigenous communities, the Caribbean, Brazil—operating outside the Spanish-speaking context
  • Borders and their Function in a National Security Economy
    • South to North mobility, research, and strategic partnerships
    • Striving for reciprocity
    • Migrants and migration—teaching, learning, and activism making a difference
  • Broad-based Assessment: How to evaluate outcomes on learning, community partners, campuses or agencies
    • Decolonizing assessment in education abroad
    • The bottom line: funding what we do
    • The Planet: the carbon footprint of immersion study

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