AAPLAC 2023 Call for Proposals

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Conferences, Featured

We welcome presentations from any professional engaged in fomenting educational and cultural exchange in Latin America and the Caribbean:

  • Faculty and professors
  • Study Abroad Administors
  • Latin America and Caribbean Non Governmental Organizations
  • Graduate Students
  • Independent Field Practitioners
  • Community Partners

The conference theme this year is Culture, Sustainability, and Environment in Latin America. We are especially interested in proposals that align with this theme as it relates to AAPLAC’s long-standing mission of facilitating and strengthening study abroad, intercultural exchange and global learning among Latin American, Caribbean, and US institutions.

Culture, our shared patterns of behavior, interactions, and beliefs, is the framework through which we understand our relationships to our social and physical environments. Culture is fluid, yet also built over generations. The symptoms of cultures whose core guiding narratives are failing to take into account our planet’s natural environment result in rising sea levels, deforestation, widespread coral bleaching, plastics suffocating the oceans, continuous loss of species, and severe weather events that are exceeding all records. In this conference, we will search for new Latin American “cultural guideposts” and effective region-specific methods of action to confront today’s greatest environmental and cultural challenges. We seek papers on cultural and ecological sustainability and knowledge-keepers, song bearers, and storytellers with perspectives for facing and confronting the existential threats that Latin America and global ecosystems face today.

To see the types of presentations that are standard bearers at AAPLAC conferences, please see our Past Conferences listing just a few of the outstanding presentations over the past 10 years.

Information About Proposals

Submission deadline: Friday, December 2, 2022

  1. Proposals may be in Spanish or English and should support the conference theme of Culture, Sustainability, and Environment in Latin America, or the AAPLAC Mission.
  2. Creativity and interactivity are encouraged.
  3. All proposals will be anonymized and reviewed before acceptance.
  4. All presenters are expected to register for the conference and appear in person or indicate in their proposal they will arrange to present live via virtual means.

Proposal review criteria

Proposals are reviewed anonymously by scholars who work in intercultural education, study abroad, Latin American & Caribbean studies, non-governmental and advocacy organizations. Graduate and undergraduate students are encouraged to submit proposals and may be eligible for a scholarship to participate in the conference.

Please make sure your proposal

  1. Aligns with conference theme, and/or mission and objectives of AAPLAC.
  2. Demonstrates an outcome or clear message or resource of use to educators, cultural workers, students, policy makers, advocacy organizations, or NGOs.
  3. Demonstrates an analytical/critical element or provides a networking-style introduction to particular challenges in one’s program or work. Presentations should not be simply program promotion.
  4. Clearly structured and composed for a listening audience in an appropriate manner (film, art, presentation, course project).


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