Strengthening study abroad, intercultural exchange & global learning in Latin America & the Caribbean


The Association of Academic Programs in Latin America and the Caribbean (AAPLAC) facilitates and strengthens study abroad, intercultural exchange and global learning among Latin American, Caribbean and US institutions of higher learning and organizations.



  • To serve as a resource center for the diffusion of intercultural information to participating and institutions and communities.
  • To identify, challenge, and minimize intercultural barriers within the region.
  • To seek out and develop exchanges, funding resources, and ongoing dialogues between US and Latin American educators.
  • To provide a forum for discussion of intercultural misunderstandings and successes.
  • To promote intercultural development and understanding among students, educators, program coordinators, study abroad advisers, and administrators.
  • To maintain a database of program information of specific sites, academic focus, and support services, on US academic programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
  • To encourage the incorporation of study abroad experience into regular curriculum offering of all institutions of higher learning.

AAPLAC Executive Board 2023-2024

  • George Ann Huck (Central College), Executive Director
  • Annie Gibson (Tulane University), President
  • Hannah Palmer (Tulane University), Vice President
  • Brian Jennings (Albright College), Past President
  • Mark Odenwelder, Treasurer
  • Katie Heird (University of Maryland, Baltimore County), Secretary
  • Abel Rubén Hernández Ulloa (Universidad de Guanajuato), At-Large
  • Fátima Mendoza (Augsburg University), At-Large
  • Malcolm Miguel Botto (Brigham Young University), At-Large
  • Sandy Bravo (CEDEI), At-Large
  • Laura Herlihy (University of Kansas), At-Large


Søren M Peterson

The wonderful thing about AAPLAC is that it is so inclusive. There is no “in” group—you feel welcome, with something important to say, right from the beginning.

Donna O'Connor
Rollins College

AAPLAC expone la idea fundamental de que pequeños cambios son parte del inicio de un cambio en educación para crear la conciencia de un ciudadano del mundo.

María del Refugio López Cruz
Universidad Veracruzana
Campus Xalapa

I was impressed with the caliber of presentations and thoroughly enjoyed the talkbacks after each session.

Allison Ulaky
Albright College

Calor humano y trabajo colaborativo.

Blanca Muñoz Riaño
Universidad Veracruzana
Campus Xalapa

Our own work in immersive, experiential and intercultural education must break from a history of alignment with paternalist research, mission work, development, and aid agendas that have reproduced racist attitudes, structures and outcomes.

AAPLAC Statement on Anti-Black Racism and Oppression in Higher Education Systems and Institutions

Organizational Documents

AAPLAC Constitution (PDF)