Image Gallery: Dani Coronado

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Dani Coronado


Soy Peruana, pero soy Americana (I am Peruvian, but I am American). As our world continues to grow in acceptance of other cultures, expanding our “world view,” I struggle with the ideas of assimilation that I have grown up with. In my art, I explore the historical traditions, native resources, and powerful symbols of the Inca culture. I focus most on finding my personal identity as a half-Peruvian female who grew up in an American household, the attributes of conservatism in my Hispanic-Catholic upbringings, and the political tensions of the U.S. in relation to my bloodline. 

The catalyst to this internal search stems from my years teaching in Kansas City Public Schools at the “ELL hub” of our district. I actively work with immigrant families, some undocumented, who face this acculturation being placed in “low-performing” public schools. We collaborate on expressing ourselves in personal cultural identities, meeting white-washed standards in our own way. With such a diverse group of students, half of which identify as Hispanic, I focus on giving students a voice in an institution where they are asked to assimilate. I’m excited to engage with other conference participants on educational policies that work with a proud and growing Latin culture.



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