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Prelude to Tucson — February 18-19, 2021

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Artists on Justice

Day One – Incertidumbre y la pandemia (Jobita Angüisaca)
Perhaps the feeling of uncertainty is the most certain thing that can happen to us.

Untitled 2018 – US Filipino Experience (Edmund Arévalo)
The duality of living in two different cultures, America and the Philippines had its advantages and disadvantages.

Democracia contra kapital Brasil (Ricardo Miranda Burgarelli)
Narration in images of fragments, events, scenes, small recorded movements…during demonstrations in June 2013 in Brazil, in the city of Belo Horizonte.

COVID—Challenge, Opportunity, Tools

Desafíos y oportunidades del COVID-19 (Paola Cárdenas)
The health crisis caused by COVID-19 has exposed educational inequality and socioeconomic inequality…

Desafíos y oportunidades de COVID-19 (Dialexa Espinoza Barrera)
Helping young people to overcome changes, problems, etc., brought by the global pandemic.

El COVID: un gran impacto para la comunidad (Arisbeth Higuera López)
This video is about how COVID-19 came into being how to prevent more infections…

Aprendizaje por medio de experiencias en prácticas profesionales en modo virtual y a distancia (Iveth Yoselin Núñez Cazares)
I recount my learning based on practical experience with face-to-face and virtual modes, comparing them and seeing how the methodology has changed since the pandemic outbreak.

La educación básica ante la pandemia: desafíos y oportunidades (Karyme Jael Ochoa Ceballos)
I hope to make known…what are the challenges, effects and opportunities that have been generated from the pandemic.

Comunidades y pandemia (Joel Peñate Díaz and Gladys del Carmen Medina Morales)
The effects of the pandemic impacted large cities globally as well as indigenous communities and those far from municipal seats.

Títeres y ciencia con Yas y Alex: Experimentos en casa (Ailin L. Ruiz Sánchez)
How can we inspire children to see science everywhere they are?

Equity, Inclusion and Pedagogy

Latinx Certificate—Chiapas Immersion (Lorena Gaibor)
This video seeks to convey the overall subject and purpose of our Chiapas International course.

Woke Warriors and White Saviors: Toward Global Justice Learning (Nikki Glendye, Emily Huynh, Alanis Perez-Rivera, and Stephanie Athey)
US-centrism, even in our global learning experiences is killing us.

Global Scholars Program-Exploring a New Initiative (Kim Justeson and Brian Jennings)
The video explains a new proposal for an initiative called the “Global Scholars Program” at Albright College.

Good Actions, Good Intentions— A Global Comparison and Research Reflection (Christina Tomasik)
This presentation aims to give an overview of the creation of the Good Actions Collaborative Curriculum.

Santa Fe High School Student Exchange (Ana Luisa Vega Valdez)
The message this video seeks to convey is the importance of student exchange program in order to reach an understanding among cultures…

Movilidad y vinculación estudiantil global (María Fernanda Vergara Rivera and Julio Campillo Rivera)
We hope that our video will make the audience aware of the importance of experience in our student development…

Justice: Educating Creative Minds

Taking a Stand (Deborah Baldizar)
This video seeks to share the message that all voices should be heard, individual differences should be celebrated, love wins and we are stronger together.

Dance of the Devils (Faith Anne Miravich)
The purpose of this video is to provide an abstract of the research that Kristen T. Woodward and I collected and the artwork we created.

La distribución social del conocimiento es la que disminuye esas brechas económicas (Blanca Muñoz Riano and María del Refugio López Cruz)
In this interview, two scientists, a surgeon and a chemist describe creative, human and critical skills—and how they are cultivated in their students during a time of COVID and extreme poverty.

Poesía latinoamericana posmoderna representada en el arte narrativo (Ann Ortiz)
Students in the course on 20th Century Latin American Writers discussed and represented in a variety of mediums poetry and prose from poets of that era.

The Race Card Project (Karin L. Raye, JD)
The Race Card Project, designed by Michele Norris, asks community members to share their thoughts about race and identity using just 6 words.

Modes of Resistance and Oppression

The Emergence and Persistence of Cuba’s San Isidro Movement (Audrey Flemming)
This video looks to explain why the San Isidro movement emerged and continues to endure, unlike most other non-state sponsored social movements in Cuba.

The Opioid Epidemic: A Mother’s Reckoning (Hortense Gerardo)
This documentary tells a concise and compelling story of how an individual’s experience connects to a larger societal issue or challenge.

Un muro que parte el cuerpo en dos (Kiyo Gutiérrez)
This performance is a call to solidarize and empathize with those who have to migrate in order to survive.

Mujerista y Transfronterista Mental Health (Ximena E. Mejía)
The video introduces Mujerista and Transfronterista concepts that have been integrated in contemporary mental health, psychology, and ways that can be implemented in psychotherapy.

Gender-Based Violence El Salvador (Diana Rodríguez Rosales)
I am hoping to convey the research that I have been working on on gender-based violence in El Salvador…

Multilingual Existence and Learning

Lengua materna (Sarah Berman, LSW)
Lengua materna is a response to a study abroad trip to Chiapas, Mexico through my graduate social work program at the University of Denver.

A Glimpse at BiTEC (Kelli Gray)
This video is a brief description and look at what we are doing at BiTEC, a small, bilingual and inclusive school.

What’s Up? English. (Steve Daniel Przymus)
In my video representation, I hope to convey that how we choose to organize and display bilingual signs in school contexts is meaningful.

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