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Conference Hotel

Hotel Maya Tulipanes Palenque
1ª Avenida Norte Poniente número 6
Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico

Other Hotels

Maya Tulipanes Express

  • Older section of Maya Tulipanes
  • Regular rate for 1-2 adults: 1150 MXN
  • Reservation code: AAPLAC

Casa Janaab Palenque

  • Simple, next to Maya Tulipanes
  • Regular rate for 1-2 adults: 295 MXN
  • Reservation code: AAPLAC

Arriving before or staying after the conference?

The following accommodations are good for those arriving before or staying after the conference, but we recommend staying at Maya Tulipanes, Express, or Janaab during the conference.

Cabañas Kin Balam Palenque

  • Jungle setting 2.5 miles from Maya Tulipanes
  • Price depends on # of occupants
  • Public transportation 7am-6pm (taxis at other times)
  • Reservation code: AAPLAC


  • Anita’s recommendation for nature lovers
  • Jungle setting 1 mile from Palenque Archaeological Site and 4 miles from the city center
  • Public transportation 7am-6pm (taxis at other times)
  • Reservation code: AAPLAC


The closest airport is Villahermosa (VSA), Tabasco, with most flight connections via Mexico City.

Ground Transportation

ADO Transportation (bus)

  • +/- 2 hours from Villahermosa
  • 18 USD one way per person
  • Departures at 2:00, 4:30 and 8:00 PM

Grupo Palenque Mágico (tourist agency)

  • Private car (1-3 people), 114 USD per vehicle
  • Sprinter van (15-20 people), 307 USD per vehicle

Coordinated by AAPLAC

  • For those traveling alone who suspect there may be other AAPLAC participants on their flight and would like to share transportation costs.
  • Email flight arrival info to AAPLAC by February 27
  • Payment on arrival
  • Being a guest at Maya Tulipanes is not a requirement for airport transportation service

ADO Mexico (overland travel)

  • For thrifty and adventurous travelers
  • Overnight bus from Merida, Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Tulum
  • Overnight bus from Mexico City, Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz

Tourist Information

Tourist Information about Palenque (PDF, 5 MB)

Click on the animation above to view a presentation of tourist information from the city of Palenque (PDF, 5 MB).

Note on Travel and Accommodations

  • International travel during times of COVID is for the strong and healthy.
  • Safety and health precautions will be in place, but we cannot assume responsibility for illnesses that occur during your time away from home.
  • Participants will receive a list of Conference Covid protocols, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals, and other relevant information closer to the date.
  • The conference will be a hybrid of in-person and live streaming with simultaneous interpretation, so if you have any doubt at all about your safety or health, we welcome you to join us virtually!
  • Palenque is a tourist destination, so there are many options besides the ones listed here, both more and less expensive!

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