34th Annual Conference

Culture, Sustainability, and Environment in Latin America


Palenque, Mexico  —  March 8-11, 2023

The 34th Annual AAPLAC Conference, Culture, Sustainability, and Environment in Latin America, will take place March 8-11, 2023, at the Hotel Maya Tulipanes in Palenque, Mexico. For those unable to attend in person, we will offer a virtual option.

Palenque is an important international tourist destination, renowned for its natural beauty and important archeological site. Despite exponential growth in the past 50 years, it remains a relatively small city. Everyone there is eager to host the AAPLAC Conference!

On behalf of the AAPLAC and Chiapas organizers, we hope you plan your journey to come early or stay after the conference to experience the natural beauty, cultural delights, and archeological wonders of this area. Be sure to consider bringing your spouse, family, or a friend!

About Palenque

Palenque is located in the lowland tropical rainforest in the north of the state of Chiapas, Mexico. The city was named almost 200 years before the nearby Mayan ruins were discovered in the 18th century. The area has a significant indigenous population, mostly of the Ch’ol people, of Mayan descent.

The Palenque Archeological site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and considered by many to be the most beautiful of the ancient Maya cities. It is situated among low, fertile hills with streams and waterfalls running throughout. Its original Maya name was Lakam’ha, which means “Place of many Waters.”

The Maya city of Palenque was once an important political center, which flourished between 226 and 799 CE and was later abandoned around 900 CE. The surrounding jungle overtook the city, which lay buried and hidden until the 1700s when local Maya told a Spanish priest of its existence

Palenque is famous for its decorative stucco sculpture and low-relief carvings which present some of the most naturalistic portraits in Maya art. Also of note are the many palaces with wide courtyards, ornamental fountains, and artificial pools.

Call for Proposals

Palenque, Mexico • March 8-11, 2023

In addition to proposals that align with AAPLAC’s long-standing mission of facilitating and strengthening study abroad, intercultural exchange and global learning among Latin American, Caribbean and US institutions, we are also interested in proposals that fit broadly into the conference theme: Culture, Sustainability, and Environment in Latin America.

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Palenque Tourist Information

Tourist Information about Palenque (PDF, 5 MB)

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Future Conferences

The Executive Board of AAPLAC seeks site proposals to host the 2025 Annual Conference. The conference will preferably take place in Latin America or the Caribbean, though proposals for alternate locations may be considered. Please contact AAPLAC President Brian Jennings with any questions or to obtain a site location application.