AAPLAC 2017 Program

Conference Activities and Sessions

The 28th Annual Conference—Understanding Coexistence—was held February 15-18, 2017, at the Universidad Veracruzana in Xalapa, México.
Wednesday, February 15
10:00 AM -
1:00 PM
Optional tour of Xalapa and the Universidad Veracruzana
2:00 PMOptional tour of the Museum of Anthropology
2:00 PMOptional tour of Niños de Veracruz project with Stephanie Athey
7:00 -
9:00 PM
Welcome Reception and Dinner
Plenary Speaker: Dra. Sara Ladrón de Guevara, Rectora de la Universidad Veracruzana
Thursday, February 16
9:30 -
10:45 AM
Session 1
Moderator: Tiago Jones (Campbell University)

What came first? The chicken or the egg: What are our students learning? OR What are we teaching our students?
Diana Arízaga (Director of IFSA-Butler Mexico Programs, IFSA-Butler University)

Toward A Participant Assessment Instrument for Education Abroad Offerings in Sustainability
Dr. Miguel Karian D. (Director & Professor, Earth Education International)
10:45 -
11:15 AM
Coffee Break sponsored by Campbell University
11:15 AM -
1:15 PM
Session 2
Moderator: Tiago Jones (Campbell University)

ROUNDTABLE: "Cultures Other than Your Own": Collaboration, Coexistence or Cross-Purposes in Paradigms for US Diversity and Global Learning
Ximena Mejia, Intro and Discussant (Director, Center for Counseling and Human Relations, Middlebury College; Former Professor of Counseling Education, University of Vermont)
Jesse Tauriac (Director, Donahue Institute for Diversity and Inclusion, Lasell College) - Immersion, Inclusion, Instruction: An Institutional and Collaborative View of our Global and Diversity Missions
Charlotte Frazier (Psychology, Lasell College) - Strategies for Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning
Liz Hartmann (Education, Lasell College) - Educating Educators on Special Needs: US and Antigua
Delritta Hornbuckle (Director, Brennan Library, Lasell College) - Tough Times: Libraries and the work against Racism, Anti-Globalism in Higher Education
Hillary Brown (student, Lasell College; former exchange student Universidad Veracruzana) - Students at the Intersection of Race and Region
1:15 -
2:15 PM
Lunch on your own
1:15 -
3:30 PM
Session 3
Moderator: George Ann Huck (Central College)

Student/Student Service Learning Partnerships: Community Immersion in Study Abroad
Helga Loebell (Director, Instituto de Lenguas Jovel); Analisa Taylor (Associate Professor, University of Oregon); Taylor Eldridge (Student, University of Oregon)

Convivencia: Reimagining Service Learning Abroad through a Mercy Lens
Kathleen McInerney (Professor, Saint Xavier University)
3:30 -
4:00 PM
Coffee Break sponsored by CEDEI
4:00 -
5:00 PM
Session 4
Moderator: George Ann Huck (Central College)

Constructing place through language: Using Hyperintersectionality to examine the impact of the terms "Cargo" and "Career" on Zapatistas and students from the United States
Peggy James (Professor, University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

Enabling students' profiles for international mobility: The intra-regional mobility program at UV
Hector Rangel (Universidad Veracruzana)
Friday, February 17
9:00 -
10:20 AM
Session 5
Moderator: Lauren Schellenberger (Culver-Stockton College)

Data Across Borders: New Technologies for Research and Teaching
Lydia Sampson (Associate Director, Brennan Library, Lasell College)

How to Teach Culture through Reading Activities: Understanding History and Acquiring New Vocabulary
René Ibarra (Assistant Professor, Campbell University)
10:20 -
10:45 AM
Coffee Break sponsored by Culver-Stockton College
10:45 AM -
12:00 PM
Session 6
Moderator: Lauren Schellenberger (Culver-Stockton College)

Fat Bastard and the Upside Down World: a rethinking of Inequality within the hegemony of imagined hierarchy
Jeff Tangel (Adjunct Professor, Saint Xavier University)

Danger ... Study Abroad ... A space for casting aside ethnocentric baggage to recognize and hopefully embrace cultural differences
George Ann Huck (Professor Emerita, Central College)
12:00 -
1:00 PM
AAPLAC Annual Business Meeting
1:00 -
2:00 PM
Lunch on your own
2:00 -
3:15 PM
Session 7
Moderator: Peggy James (University of Wisconsin-Parkside)

Global Xenophobia is on the rise: Experiences from Central College in Mérida before, during and after the US presidential election
Valerie Grimsley (Resident Director, Central College)

"Border Thinking" - Seeking Decolonial Strategies in Reporting, History Writing, and Instruction
Lean Sweeney (Ph.D. Candidate, Latin American History, University of New Mexico); Amy Bracken (Reporter and Producer, WBUR and WGBH); Stephanie Athey (Associate Professor, Lasell College)
3:15 -
3:30 PM
Coffee Break sponsored by University of Wisconsin-Parkside
3:30 -
5:15 PM
Session 8
Moderator: Mark Odenwelder (CEDEI)

Lecciones aprendidas: la educación experiencial desde la perspectiva de los colaboradores locales y la comunidad anfitriona
María del Refugio López Cruz (Académica de la Facultad de Química Farmacéutica Biológica, Campus Xalapa-Universidad Veracruzana)
7:00 PMConference Dinner
8:00 PMOPTIONAL: Xalapa Symphony Orchestra
Saturday, February 18
8:45 -
10:15 AM
Session 9
Moderator: Robert Kruger (BCA Mexico)

El corporativismo: jerarquías en España y México
Haydn Tiago de Azevedo Mafra Jones (Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Chair, Campbell University)

Successes and Challenges Working With Students With Special Needs in Ecuador
Mark Odenwelder (Executive Director, CEDEI); Brian Jennings (Associate Professor, Albright College); Araceli Masterson-Algar (Associate Professor, Augustana College); Carolina Bown (Senior Lecturer in Modern Languages, Salisbury University)
10:15 -
10:45 AM
Coffee Break sponsored by BCA Mexico
10:45 AM -
12:00 PM
Session 10
Moderator: TBD

Making It Count: Strategies for Successful Community Engagement Through A Credit-Bearing Intercultural Learning Course
Annie Gibson (Administrative Assistant Professor, Tulane University)

Community-Based Partnerships: How students can learn as they engage with local communities in working type environments
Claudia Lizette Hidalgo Lara (Maestra, Universidad Veracruzana); Michael Twomey Valdés (Doctor en educación, ConArte A.C.)

Welcome to New Orleans (AAPLAC 2018)
Laura Wise-Person (Tulane University)
1:00 PMOPTIONAL: Excursion to La Antigua, Veracruz with Rob Kruger
Includes lunch

Cost: $30