Introducing AAPLAC 2025 in Mexico City

Arts, Education, and Activism: Transformation for Social Change
March 12-15, 2025 • Mexico City

The conference theme of AAPLAC 2025 is Arts, Education, and Activism: Transformation for Social Change. We are especially interested in proposals that align with this theme as it relates to AAPLAC’s long-standing mission of facilitating and strengthening study abroad, intercultural exchange, and global learning among Latin American, Caribbean, and US institutions.

Our partnership with the Mexico City-based nonprofit ConArte provides an ideal opportunity to explore the power of creative pedagogies and social engagement to transform both students and local communities. Since 2006, ConArte has fostered sensitivity, equity, and inclusivity through dynamic arts workshops. They collaborate with local schools, cultural organizations, and community spaces to reach individuals from across social divisions. Their curriculum exemplifies the kind of creative programs that promote personal growth and self-awareness as the foundation for a broader culture of peace. We look forward to drawing upon their local knowledge as we share and learn from our own experiences.

The AAPLAC 2025 conference theme, Arts, Education, and Activism: Transformation for Social Change, invites scholars, practitioners, and activists to explore the dynamic intersections between artistic expression, educational innovation, and grassroots activism. In line with AAPLAC’s mission of fostering cross-cultural understanding and collaboration, we seek proposals that delve into the transformative potential of the arts and education in catalyzing social change. From community-based arts initiatives to innovative pedagogical approaches, this theme encourages critical dialogue and action-oriented strategies aimed at addressing pressing social challenges and advancing equity, justice, and inclusion within our interconnected world. Join us as we engage in thought-provoking discussions, collaborative workshops, and creative endeavors to harness the power of arts, education, and activism for positive societal transformation.


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