33a Conferencia Anual

Conciencia Cultural y Justicia Social


Tucson, Arizona — 16 al 19 de febrero del 2022

AAPLAC 2022 welcomes us to Tucson for a hybrid event with a guest emphasis on Indigenous Initiatives, Pueblos Originarios, and Native Nation Initiatives. An invited keynote will speak on Indigenous Peoples Law, Policy and Human Rights; daily sessions will feature a variety of presentations and discussions, ample time for networking and serendipitous connection among a variety of scholars, educators, and NGO practitioners, as well as an optional Saturday excursion highlighting the cultural richness, past and present, of our Tucson surroundings. We are grateful to the University of Arizona College of Education and Office of Native American Initiatives for hosting!

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Noticias de la Conferencia

José Francisco Calí Tzay, Special Rapporteur, Keynote Speaker at AAPLAC 2022

José Francisco Calí Tzay, Special Rapporteur, Keynote Speaker at AAPLAC 2022

José Francisco Calí Tzay, Special Rapporteur United Nations Commission on Human Rights, will speak about the rights of indigenous peoples during a keynote address at AAPLAC 2022. Mr. Calí Tzay is Maya Kaqchikel from Guatemala, with experience in defending the rights of Indigenous Peoples, both in Guatemala and at the level of the United Nations and the OAS.

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AAPLAC 2022 Call for Proposals

Convocatoria de AAPLAC 2022

AAPLAC seeks papers for our 33rd Annual Conference to be held in a hybrid format February 16-19, 2022 at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona.

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Futuras Conferencias

La Junta Ejecutiva de AAPLAC invita propuestas de sitio para la Conferencia Anual en 2023. La conferencia se llevará a cabo preferiblemente en América Latina o el Caribe, aunque se pueden considerar propuestas para sitios alternativos. Comuníquese con la presidenta de AAPLAC Stephanie Athey con cualquier pregunta o para enviar su propuesta de sitio.

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