Why should I join AAPLAC?

AAPLAC is a small and dynamic organization of educators, community-based NGOs and agencies in Latin America, the Caribbean and the United States who work to support and deepen intercultural exchange and global learning through study abroad, faculty-led immersion courses, international research collaborations, the arts and other modes of partnership, dialogue, and multidisciplinary experiential teaching and learning.

AAPLAC meets annually (typically alternating between sites in Latin America and the USA) to exchange ideas and work. Because AAPLAC is a small, passionate and hands-on organization, members gather new models and new energy as we approach common challenges and greatly expand our networks in the region. Everyone can participate in all the sessions and have extended conversations over several days in a congenial and informal but rewarding setting. Each conference accents local expertise and offers optional excursions to local sites. Participants return home invigorated.

The annual conference usually is held in mid- to late-February or occasionally in March. Conferences welcome conversation on theoretical, pedagogical and practical issues that may range from decolonizing pedagogy and institutions to defining and evaluating reciprocity and impact, pre-departure courses or advising and learning opportunities at re-entry, institutional infrastructure and financing, liability issues, the challenges facing students, hosts, site directors and community partners. We welcome as well historical or political content as it relates to the role of higher education in global learning or particular places, cultures, community organizations, etc.

How much is the membership fee?

Membership is based on the calendar year and is included in the conference registration fees.

How do I join?

The easiest—and most rewarding—way to join AAPLAC is to attend our annual conference. If you are unable to attend the conference, contact us to request a membership form.

The wonderful thing about AAPLAC is that it is so inclusive. There is no “in” group—you feel welcome, with something important to say, right from the beginning.

Donna O'Connor
Rollins College

AAPLAC expone la idea fundamental de que pequeños cambios son parte del inicio de un cambio en educación para crear la conciencia de un ciudadano del mundo.

María del Refugio López Cruz
Universidad Veracruzana
Campus Xalapa

I was impressed with the caliber of presentations and thoroughly enjoyed the talkbacks after each session.

Allison Ulaky
Albright College

Calor humano y trabajo colaborativo.

Blanca Muñoz Riaño
Universidad Veracruzana
Campus Xalapa